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Category: Indochina and Far East

Eating your way around Japan

It would be fair to say that the food played a pretty central role in our trip to Japan, not only was it all delicious

Beyond Angkor Wat – Cambodia

The mighty temples of Angkor, with Angkor Wat being the best known, are among the most famous tourist attractions in Asia and quite rightly tend

The other side of Hong Kong

A recent trip to Hong Kong reminded me quite what a brilliant and unique city it is. The combination of location, landscape, history, culture and

Make the most of the strong pound

We all like an extra excuse to take a holiday and what better than the steadily growing strength of the pound over the last year!

streetfood bangkok thailand

The joys of Bangkok streetfood

Eating out in Thailand is a absolute pleasure and not just the restaurants – the streetfood is fabulous and a real highlight. With limited time