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Egypt and the River Nile

One of the unexpected joys of not being able to travel much over the last year is the opportunity to reflect on past trips and

Make the most of the strong pound

We all like an extra excuse to take a holiday and what better than the steadily growing strength of the pound over the last year!

Who’s travelling where?

The Post Office has just released its figures for currency sales for June to August with some quite surprising results. Top of the fastest growing

Exploring Cape Town

I have been lucky enough to visit Cape Town on a few occasions and the last time was for a long weekend – yes, a

Travel in Ramadan

Travel in Ramadan The muslim holy month of Ramadan is starting around the world. This annual month of fasting between sunrise and sunset is one

Weekend in Marrakech

I was lucky enough to be in Marrakech for a few days and while I spent most of my days in a conference hall the