Covid-19 - Your Peace of Mind

As of May 2021 it became legal to travel overseas again from the UK – details of this and the traffic light system for retuning to the UK can be found on our blog here. Please remember that in addition to the UK entry rules any country you are visiting will have their own regulations.

With the emergence of coronavirus (Covid-19), and the necessary restrictions, it is understandable that this will have raised many questions and concerns regarding travel plans.  As your local specialist travel agent, we would like to take this opportunity to provide some reassurance, clarity and, hopefully, some peace of mind.

The initial stages of the pandemic were about bringing clients safely back from overseas and then contacting clients who were due to travel on long-planned holidays.  Of these affected clients most postponed their planned trips for a later date and if this is not the case they received a refund. The reason we were able to do this is because the holidays we sell are packages. In these instances the monies and the services are protected, so if the holiday cannot go ahead you will not lose your money and we will sort it all out for you. Sometimes the processes have been taking longer than normal, however we will remain in regular contact with all affected.

In addition we are finding that all the tour operator partners we work with have adjusted their Terms and Conditions to reflect the current situation and encourage travellers to book with confidence. They do all vary however in general we would expect this to mean:

  • Flexibility – the ability to change or postpone your travel plans
  • No amendment fees if you are postponing or changing your trip
  • The right to refund if your trip is cancelled
  • Lower Deposits than you would normally expect

This means you can book a future holiday and if you do have the change or cancel it, as long as it is a package holiday, your money will be safe. You can book with confidence and peace of mind plus there are some great deals out there!

In summer 2020 and from July 2021 onwards clients have travelled overseas on holiday and have had a fabulous time in Greece, Italy, Croatia, Spain, The Channel Islands, USA and Caribbean. In Greece villa holidays proved particularly popular. We ourselves took the opportunity to visit Greece in September 2020, the Sporades, with stays on Alonissos and Skiathos and you can read about the trip here. Not only did we have a great holiday on these wonderful islands, enjoying the beautiful beaches, fine food and superb diving, but we also saw, first hand, travel in a time of Covid-19.  The journeys there and back, using planes and ferries, were all very smooth and reassuring, as was our whole time in Greece. It was clear that everyone was taking it seriously however at no stage did it impact on the holiday, barring the wearing of masks in all shops and interior space. Everything felt calm and reassuring which is the same message we have consistently got back from all our travelling clients.  It is clear that everyone involved in the tourism industry, including hoteliers, transport providers and airlines, are taking the necessary precautions very seriously and we do not doubt that this will be the case as more and more countries open up to visitors. In August 2021 we headed to Antigua and a wonderful Caribbean week – again travel was very smooth and the welcome was second to none. More recent trips were by Eurostar to Paris in Sept ’21 and Amsterdam in Nov ’21.


 We are here to support all our clients in helping you to make the best possible decisions for your travel plans. Everyone’s situation and circumstances are different so we always make recommendations on a case by case basis but we have outlined our general guidelines as to how we are managing the Covid-19 situation below. 


Information for if you have already made a booking with us.

What happens if the Foreign and Commonwealth Office advises against all but essential travel to a country?

The FCDO advice ‘against all but essential travel’ no longer applies to all destinations.  If it does apply to your holiday destination then we will be in contact to discuss how this will impact your travel plans and evaluate your different options with you. 

  1. If you are travelling to that country, but not for a few weeks or more we will keep you fully informed of the developments and ensure you are aware of key dates which may be relevant to decisions about your trip. This may mean postponing your trip to a later date.
  2. If your travel dates are imminent and you have booked a package holiday with us you are protected by the Package Travel Regulations. This means that, where we are able to, we can offer you alternative holidays.

If you wish to check the level of financial protection available for your booking with us, please do get in touch.

What happens if the FCDO blanket advice has been lifted for certain destinations. 

Travel companies will continue to operate trips to these countries wherever possible. If you have already booked your holiday and the FCDO allows for travel to your destination but you have concerns about going, please do get in touch with us ASAP to discuss these concerns and seek reassurance. Everyone in the travel industry is striving to work together on your behalf during this uncertain period and we are already seeing companies increasing the flexibility of their cancellation policies in response.

Alternative options that may be possible include:

  1. Postponing your trip to a later date or even next year. In this situation, depending on the cost of the new arrangements, you may be required to pay additional costs or be due a refund, which we can talk to you about.
  2. Changing the destination of travel. Again, depending on the cost of the new arrangements, you may be required to pay additional costs or be due a refund of the difference, which we can set-out for you.

Cancelling your holiday.

If you decide to completely cancel your trip instead, this will be in accordance with the booking terms and conditions. Please be aware cancellation charges are likely to apply. If this is still your preferred option, we would suggest you contact your insurance company without delay to see whether you are able to recover any of these costs.

Further Advice for current bookings

Anyone due to travel should double check entry restrictions

If you are due to travel in the near future and have recently been to any of the countries which the FCDO has restricted travel to, we advise that you check the entry requirements for the destination you are visiting to see if there are any specific restrictions in place. 

Also, clients should be aware that health screening procedures have been put in place on arrival in many countries. The FCDO advises that if you are travelling, you should comply with these measures.

Check your Travel Insurance

We always advise travelling with an appropriate insurance policy in place for your peace of mind. This is particularly relevant in the light of Covid-19.  We will keep a check on the FCDO advice right up to your date of travel to ensure there have been no last minute changes. Be aware that changes might invalidate your insurance cover so it is important to know the wording of your policy.

It is recommended to consider taking out your travel insurance policy as soon as possible after confirming your booking to provide cancellation cover if you are unable to travel (check policy wording). Travel insurance may also allow you to claim for any additional costs not covered by the Package Travel Regulations (e.g. disruption to travel cover). Not all policies are the same so you must check the wording carefully to ensure you are getting the cover you expect . Always check details with your travel insurance provider if you are unsure. 

Useful Links for Travel Insurance Information

Information Regarding Booking a Future Trip.

As we are all aware, going abroad on holiday always involves a certain level of risk but understandably Covid-19 is currently giving travellers extra cause for concern. Past experience tells us this storm will pass but whilst the situation is still evolving you may well be feeling uncertain about making future travel plans.

The good news is the travel industry is very experienced at adapting and operating during these types of significant world events. The safety of travellers is the priority for travel companies, and our decisions will follow British Government advice as is always the case. Most tour operators we are dealing with have introduced more flexibility to their terms and conditions with regards to deposits, balance payment dates and also delay/amendment fees.

We pride ourselves on our excellent relationships with our specialist travel partners. They have their ear to the ground at all times ensuring we, as your travel agent, have an enormous wealth of up to the minute knowledge from countless sources to help inform our advice and suggestions for our clients. We are here to listen, understand and alleviate your concerns so do come and talk to us about your requirements. We would be delighted to help you plan a wonderful holiday to look forward to, always with the added reassurance of full financial protection. The silver lining might be that this is the excuse you’ve needed to try something completely different for your next trip! 

Whatever your thoughts, come and share them with us and we will try to help you find your perfect escape. 

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